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Quirita is a very uncommon name. It's literal translation is "citizen" or "one who belongs too". Very few people are named Quirita but of those that are there is one thing to be said about them: They are over-achievers.
generally Quirita's are well rounded and excel in just about everything. They often have fierce attitudes and are known to overreact.
Physically they are attractive and they know it. Quirita's will use their looks to their advantage in a heartbeat. People named Quirita are the last ones you want to betray as they are quite vengeful and sometimes ruthless.
If you know one Quirita you are lucky because there are not many of them out there.
a)Dude do you know Quirita?

b) you mean that fine chica w/ the long hair?
a) Yup that's her


a) I was born in Spain. I am a Spanish quirita.

If you can't do it...ask Quirita She can do everything
by luluknowsbest February 03, 2011
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