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A Quinterrogation is any and all interactions with "The Quinterrogator". This can be anything from a casual conversation (the term used very rarely in this circumstance), to penetrating questions, to a fist in your throat. If you feel you are being Quinterrogated the best response is to smile, act politely and befriend "The Quinterrogator". He can be your best friend or your worst and last enemy.
Experiencing a negative or hostile Quinterrogation is extremely unhealthy, side effects include but are not limited to: Sporadic heart and panic attacks, nightmares, Algophobia, Androphobia, Autophobia, Bogyphobia, Haptophobia, Noctiphobia, Phobophobia, Pnigophobia, Poinephobia, Rhabdophobia, Scopophobia, Taphephobia, Toxiphobia, Xenophobia, but mostly just death.
"Dude, I just got out of a Quinterrogation...oh God..." - Jim
"I can't believe you made it out alive!" - Joe

"You've just been Quinterrogated." - The Quinterrogato
by The Quinterrogator February 11, 2010
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