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Just about as sound as you can be while being right 99.98% of the time
Did you run that past Quinno?
Yeah, he said I don't care just get it fucking done
by Ho_Bo_ March 11, 2011
A quinno is a really cool kid, probably the coolest kid you will ever meet, in your entire entire life. You will never understand just how cool a quinno is until they are your friend. Quinno is a river rapid buddy for life, Big Bro from another ho, a regular broho. Extremely extra smart, very athletic, cause he's cool like that. Quinno wears only white outfits (also cause he's cool like that). Sings 'Super Bass' and 'Last Friday Night' like no other. The best friend you could ever imagine having, ever, ever again, ever.
Neighbor #1 "A Quinnnnnnnno. That kid is too cool!!"

Neighbor #2 "Duhh, he's a Quinno. Shhhhh, you said it yourself."
by TheEglonCrew September 07, 2011