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Typically a person every group of friends have but don't know why, usually everyone trys to avoid them at all cost and only hangs with them out of pity. sometimes people refer to them as dicks, kanye's, buzz kills, party poopers, boner killers, lames, burdens, klundt drunks or swagger jacks. You can easy spot them amongst a crowd of people because they're usually laughing at their own jokes. If you look around closely you could see the the surronding people stare in annoyance. the quinker is almost always aware of this but doesn't care because they tend to troll. that's when you know know you've spotted a ''Quinker'' or a ''Q'' for short. Currently there is no cure.
jeff: ''So i'm having a party at my place tomorrow, make sure you send everyone an invite on facebook''

Jim: ''Sure dude''

Jeff: ''Oh make sure not to invite dave''

Jim: ''Why?''

jeff: ''Cause man he's a quinker sometimes''

Jim: ''True dat''

Jeff: ''Yeah, i'm getting klundt drunk tonigh and I can't have him killing my buzz!''
by TT123 January 27, 2013

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