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Quimm refers to the most precious part of the female anatomy. Quimm can be considered the vagina but more frequently may be an alternate word for the Fillet, Lips, or Labia. It should also be noted that the Quimm being discussed would be attractive and pleasing not only to the sight but also the touch, smell and taste. NOT some ugly, misshapen, smelly, ratty old thing.
"She was taking it the ass like a true porn star when I noticed her luscious quivering quimm."
by Grund1e August 31, 2006
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simply, a vagina. it was used in canterbury tales, some story i was reading in school and my teacher said it meant vagina.
i licked her quimm. she liked it cuz im good at it.
by Casey November 22, 2004
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