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Feeling soft and comfy.

Oftentimes, an individual quickly gains the trust of others and becomes the attention of fireside evenings. Available in materials such as cotton, wool, and synthetic (ew!).
Unaware of how cold December would be, I entered the frigid winds with only a light sweater. Suddenly a man walked by who looked awfully quilty, so I grabbed onto is soft embrace.
by reannecadict July 26, 2011
The feeling that you need to be wrapped in a polar-fleece blanket sitting in front of a fire. Specific to living in the Northwest.
The steady cold rain outside and gray skies made me feel quilty all day.
by Manfred.Macx December 01, 2011
A state of depression in which you turn to blankets for comfort.
"Do not make people feel quilty as they have still chosen to be my friend."
by Friend of Oxygen October 29, 2009
Someone gross, ugly or bad sense of fashion. - A word similar to fugly-
Ew, look at that quilty person walking down the street, his flab is hanging everwhere.
by Lubella-rose July 12, 2010
Useless or generally annoying person also has a bad dress sense.
Teachers are sometimes quilty
by 1234567898765432188 April 02, 2009
Guilty as sin; caught out and the only option is to 'fess up. The guilt is written all over your face (or would be if you weren't hiding it under a quilt).
You can't even show your face cos you know you got caught out in what you did, so you hide it under the quilt; you're more than guilty, you're QUILTY.
by Armoured Amazon January 07, 2007
to spill a powder like substance, usually in the process of opening the container. drop mess spill powder clumsy
Mike, becareful opening the mac and cheese. You don't want to quilty it.
by asdflkjsdaflj April 14, 2008
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