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A word describing a sexually desirable (or "fuckable") Queen.

A Queen you would like to fuck.
"Queen Rania of Jordan is totally a quilf"
by elbadige April 07, 2009
A queen or future queen which you'd love to make love to.
Damn, Kate Middleton is a potentional QUILF... I'd love to make to love to her
by quilfloverpope April 29, 2011
a word describing a really old milf , primarily over the age of 50.

a mix of the words quilt (old blanket) and milf (mom i'd like to fuk), used to describe an extremely old milf whos on the brink of loosing her "fuckableness"
"son, justins grandma is a total milf; no way man shes a quilf, shes drooping"
by riggidy Ram One January 13, 2006