Revamped version of 70s style coiffure haircut involving at least two rat tails.
If your hairstylist recommends a quiff, kill him.
by Wifey McBeatey May 16, 2007
A dummy, or an idiot. (see numbnuts)
A kid grabbed my dad's baseball cap and ran in circles. My father gave chase screaming, "Hey you QUIFF get back here!"
by J4G February 17, 2011
An old, creepy man, usually 50+ years, who smells women's bicycle seats in the middle of the summer.
*Snort* Ahhh!

Dude, did that quiff just smell that chick's bicycle seat!?
by ApolloTloc March 17, 2008
a Vagenital Fart
did she just have a quiff?
by GregV12 September 28, 2008
Quiff in Brooklyn in the 1960's meant a homsexual or effeminate man.
That guy is quiff. I bet he's queer.
by Sean Sweeney August 18, 2006
Morrissey's hair-do.
Damn Morrissey, please stop singing and fix yr quiff.
by IHateMorrissey! April 28, 2004
What you'd call the sort of cowardly idiot who'd typically post their mildly amusing definitions on the Urban Dictionary
Did you read what that quiff just wrote? What a douche bag!
by Even quiffs need love October 04, 2006

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