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Pronounced: Quh-ziks, or Kwa-ziks.

Whats the ducks says.

Seen in the Metalocalypse episode called "Klokblocked". It is Skwisgaar's play in the Scrabble game.
Pickles:"Go Skwisgaar! It's your turn! Go! gogogogogogo!"
Skwisgaar: "I ams goings, holds ons, I ams thinkings. Uh...okay, is this a words? Q-U-H-Zs-K?"
Toki: "Quhzks! That's what's the ducks says."
by matx33 November 16, 2008
Pronounced KWUZ-iks, quhzk is the sound a duck makes, as defined by Toki Wartooth. It is acceptable in scrabble games.
"Quhzk!" said the duck.
by Senator Stampingston December 12, 2008
A word coined by Adult Swim series Metalocalypse, it is pronounced "Kwah-zicks" and is "whats the duck says." It is supposedly worth 52 points in Scrabble, though according to the Scrabble pieces themselves it's only worth 30.
Skwisgaar: Uhhh okay. Is this a words? Q-U-H-Zs-K?
Toki: Is quhzk! That's whats the duck says!
Pickles: Alright, whatever, kwahzicks. That's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 67891011... 52 points.. 52 poi-?? That's.. that's good!
by Orthar December 29, 2009
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