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The largest city and the provincial capital of the Balochistan Province in Pakistan. The city has been a major stronghold along the western frontier of the country. It is situated at an average elevation of 1,654 metres (5,429 feet) metres above sea level. The city is also home to the Hazarganji Chiltan National Park, a national park containing some of the rarest species of wildlife in the world. Its main shopping area is Jinnah Road and Liaquat Bazar. It has a large mix of different ethnicities.

Quetta is derived from Kuatta, a Pashto word meaning "fort". It is believed the city received its name due to imposing hills on all sides of the city. The hills which act as a natural fort are called Chiltan, Takatu, Mehrdar.
Quetta is a beautiful city. I went there and stayed at Serena Hotel.

The Quetta Shura is a dangerous mix of Taliban leadership.
#pakistan #balochistan #zargoon #quettawala #koh
by Changaz birar February 06, 2010
Loud Crazy And Ghetto Girl. Down to ride for anybody all about money.
There go Quetta.
#quita #laquetta #laiquetta #quizzle #ghetto
by tina_bina February 11, 2009
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