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A text message consisting of only a question mark (possibly more than one) . Usually sent after somebody has taken too long to respond to a question, you are shocked by the information you just received, or if you don't understand the last text.
Ex. 1
Person 1: "Is it cool if I come at 8:30?
*Half hour later*
Person 1: <Sends Questmessage>
Person 2: "My bad, fell asleep. Yeah, that's cool."

Derpette: "I think I might be pregnant..."
Derp: <Sends Questmessage>
Derpette: "I'm two days late..."
Derp: "Shut up, woman."

Ex 3.

Person 1: "I shaved a cat today!"
Person 2: <Sends Questmessage>
Person 1: "I meant saved lmaao"
by BigWill21420 May 24, 2011
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