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When one is just minding thier own business, and suddenly one or more people aproaches said person and begins to ask them random questions completely out of the blue. Most question-bombings happen in junior high and high school, usually done by groups of girls (usually popular cliques), and most questions in said question-bombings have something to do with rumors, dating, or just questions that are difficult to answer. The causes of question-bombing are usually to either prove or disspell a rumor, find out information on someone (usually the victim, sometimes someone the victim knows), or sometimes, just to get them angry(see trolling).
One day, at lunch....
Jane:And then the fat guy says to the cop-
Questin Bomber 1:Hey what kind of music do you listen to?
Jane: Rock. Why do you even wanna know what-
QB2: That's cool. What's your favorite band?
QB1:Have you heard of (insert stupid scene band here)?
Jane: *thinkng to herself* That band is a load of crap
Jane: Yeah I've heard of them. But I don't really like-
QB2:That's cool. What's your favorite song by them?
Jane: I don't even like them!!! I like Evanescence instead.
QB1&2: Who the eff is Evanescence???
QB1: Ok see ya next period!!!
*QB1&2 walk away*
QB1: She is such a freak!!! We should tell everyone on facebook how weird she is.
QB2: Are you kidding? Trolling her was too much fun on its own!!!

Jane: That was weird.
Katie: There's a word for that. I think it's called "Question-Bombing."
by RukaNightwing October 26, 2011
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