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When something is weird in a homosexual way.
Phil, those jean shorts are extremely queird.
by Jeffrey Cummings April 21, 2008
1 1
a queer weird; a combination of both a queer and a weird.
That dude that showed up to the party as a drag queen was queird.
by trimmy August 22, 2007
1 1
When someone is acting oddly homosexually
"Last night Rick was so drunk he said he loved me, it was so queird!"
by Sea Dog November 01, 2006
0 0
a person who puts butter on their bagel;
instead of on their bread, weird...
which queird put the butter on my bagel!?
by Dana T January 17, 2007
0 1
to be quiet and weird
Work was very queird today.
by Jill September 19, 2004
1 4
A word to use instead of the ever so lame and overused word, awkward.
Me: (spontaneously) Dude, Mathias's ass is so freakin' hairy...
You: (thinking to say awkward, but remembers Queird...
by Tyler Sadex May 15, 2004
1 4