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Full name: Quegley Fregward Nickname: Quegs
A strange, peculiar creature. At first glance he may seem to be a normal person, but upon closer examination you will see many differences. For one, the Quegley will most likely be wearing a drab green trench coat filled and covered with shrimp (see "shrimp coat"), and he will also be Vyving if its before 5. Approach a Quegley with caution, and always have a gun on hand if you are around one. Having rabies shots is probably a good idea. Also likes to quote songs that he likes, but adjusts the lyrics to his taste.
Person 1: Yo who's that creepy motherfucker in the alleyway in that shrimp coat?

Person 2: Shit yo lets get out of here, I work at best buy!

Person 1: What?

Quegs: Quegley will swarm, any motherfucker in a blue uniform!

(Person 1 and 2 attempt to run but fail and get eaten).
by Momoloo October 29, 2013
Sweet nothings said to a female by a male in the hope of seducing the former.
Man, I lobbed a lot of quegley at her last night.

How much quegley did she need?
by dark_triad September 10, 2008
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