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Slightly off-colour, poorly, ailing,
peaked, sickly, sick, unwell or ill.
Boat passenger turns pale and says:

"I wish the boat would stop rocking,
it's making me feel quite queezy"
by plecostomus April 23, 2009
Crossed fingers that instantly make you immune to being tagged in games like Off Ground Touch, Forty-Forty, Cops and Robbers, Stuck in the mud etc.
Basically a pussy way out of admitting you've been tagged, and are now "it".
People often argue with Queezies, and they're usually only considered legitimate if you've stopped to tie your laces or something else that renders you unable to continue running away from the person who is 'it'.

Some people have different names for this, but as far as I know it's always backed up by having crossed fingers as proof that you're not just shit at the game or really slow.
Person who is 'it:(running towards you, hand outstretched)
You(noticing them): Queezies! (showing your crossed fingers)
Person who is 'it':(grinding to a halt) Ugh. Fine. (runs off towards someone else)
by amaisieing June 14, 2009
When something was completely crazy and out of hand(awesome)adj.

Guy number 1: dude that party last night was INSANEEEEE

Guy number 2: yeah i know right, it was queezy

by Chants man March 20, 2009

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