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a total fag .. someone who annoys the shit out of you...

they are completely gayy
and are tools

its like when a queer and muffin have a baby

... this pops out a queer muffin
miley cyrus is a queermuffin
justin bieber is a queermuffin

that kid with the tight purple pants over there is a total queer muffin
perez hilton is a queer muffin
a young looking, twentysomething gay boy who likes to be passive in bed for more masculine guys
I don't date queermuffins. I like dirty old men instead.
by quicksilver789 August 20, 2009
A queer with style, usually girly style; a super fag
Joe S. is such a queermuffin.
by Rich15 May 17, 2006
this moron in my class calls himself a queer muffin when he is actually straight and thinks its funny; a 'homosexual wheat product'
matt: im a queer muffin
justin: im thrustin justin
both: hehehehehe

me: you dumbasses
by anon November 13, 2004
a guy who sux donkey dick, fruitcake, cornhole lover, fag, homo,
Dude, your'e such a freakin queermuffin!
by PtrDude June 14, 2004
basically a queer with style.
Ey...look at that queer muffin.
by bread infection December 30, 2005