1. Gay loser. Used by people who hate gays.
2. Emo loser. Used by people that hate emo kids.
1. You're queermo, asshat.
2. Yeah, so there were a bunch of queermo kids pissing me off today so I hung them up by their stretched out earlobes and let them bleed to death.
by powertrash June 17, 2005
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A Queer Homo, a superfag.
That Carson Daily is a Queermo
by MC Alex December 10, 2004
Combination of a Queer and Homo
Last night we went to a gay club on accident, that place ws filled with swarms of QUEERMOS
by Senior fucked ur mom September 19, 2003
Usually somebody that is just too queer or lame for words.
"Look at that outfit, that hair, that laugh, Hannah is DEFINETLY the biggest queermo I've ever seen".
by aaamilli July 28, 2009
Gay beyond comprehension
Ajay is a total queermo dude.
by BigBoi17 October 26, 2011
1. strange or unusual
2. Gay, Fag, Faggot, homo
1. Maxx's Dad is such a queer mo.

2. Blacky and his bitch marry are such queer mo's all they do is suck dick and drive around in there little golf carts.
by Goo-K September 08, 2003
You can't spell emo without queer.
Look at that queermo i hate him
by not miffu November 26, 2004
A queer and a homo combined into one giant flaming ghey(gay) person. Usually...bad...
Random guy: Dude, you are...such a queermo!
Robby J: Liek...nuh UH!! Oh my gawd!
by A. Markowitz February 22, 2005

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