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The seepage of blood from one's anus after particularly violent anal sex, especially between two men.
"Dude, Sick! Joe's Queeriod is dried all over the toilet seat..."

"I need new undies. I had a hell of a queeriod last night, and now mine are soiled."
by Dick Strong-o June 29, 2009
A Period of time where a Man acts particularly queer, usually includes having a new girlfriend or not going out.
"Is steve out tonight" "No he's on his queeriod"
by Herowithad June 04, 2011
A Queef that is performed while a woman is on her period causing an explosion of menstrual mess over any object or poor person who happened to be in the line of fire. A foul aroma usually lingering in the women's public restrooms at swapmeets, gas stations, rest stops and inner city fastfood joints that always smells like a combination of fishy period blood, stank coochie and dookie mixed with queef. see Latina bathroom
The walls on the bathroom had dried blood splattered as if some nasty hoe had busted queeriod on them!
by ~Kung Fu Chick~ November 25, 2011
The catalyst which causes a homosexual male to become rude and bitchy. What causes gay PMS.
"Shut the fuck up, bitch!"
"...Is someone getting their queeriod?"
by Gabrielle loves Scott August 16, 2008
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