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The coolest fucking university you could probably go to, if you're up for some hardcore partying, or just to simply study hard. Located in London, UK, and is part of the University of London.
A: "I'm a fresher at Queen Mary doing Politics."
B: "Wicked"

A: "Happy Mondays at Drapers!"
B: "Where??"
C: "Queen Mary student union"
by dead.on.arrival October 02, 2006
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Queen Mary is drug slang for Marijauna.
Bob Dylan's song "Just Like a Woman": "Queen Mary, she's my friend. Yes I believe I'll go see her again."
by pulptruth March 28, 2010
To take a runny dump with zero warning. When your bowels yell out "Liquidate!!".
You have to crap right now, no matter where you may be; on the street, in the car, in a meeting.. you get the picture.
Usually the result of bad sushi or asian food in general.
Ass wipe is not a luxury, so a sock is usually sacrificed to do the job.
Oh man, check it out! Buddy's in the bushes cranking out a Queen Mary! Ha ha.. he must have had some bad chinese. I bet he would pay big bucks for some toilet paper about now..
by Shaaaaper February 27, 2004

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