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That strange scenario that occurs in a large group - usually in the workplace but especially so on training courses, at conferences or at the end of a night out - where the females present are at best distinctly average and, for the most part, pretty honking.

For some reason, one always just about stands out over the others and is feted upon by all of the males present, despite the fact that not only is she at best decidedly average but, at worst, wouldn't get a look next to most reasonably attractive women (well - at WORST you'd be turning her down after ten pints of any regular night out). It is she who is least horrid of the pretty shitty group, the best of a bad bunch...Queen of The Pigs.

The latching on of the guys to this massively-overrated horror is termed 'Queen Pig Syndrome'.
"I am so gonna steam in on that Janine girl later"

"Her? Why man, she's nothing special"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Dude, look around - the only reason you're even looking at her is that Elaine looks like she's had a stroke, Sandra has less teeth that my grandma and Joanna may well be a John from where i'm sitting"

"Ah - queen pig syndrome! Phew, that was close. Didn't realise what I was doing...".
by TheHairyEgg October 04, 2011
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