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A narcissistic black woman with an above average feeling of self worth. She is a former Negress who believes she has achieved elite status that is worthy and deserving of royal treatment. Hence,"Queen Negress".
With this status comes, unwaivering self righteousness, negretude, and the undeniable right to be a full blown beeatch.
A Queen Negress is only truly worthy and deserving of this title in her own mind... but dont tell her that!
Orenthal: "I'm sorry im late Boo, I gotz the itis real bad but i dragged myself out da bafroom so I can get me some o'dat sweet lovin you give Baby"

Queen Negress: "I SAID 4:00 NOT 5:00 FOOL! What you think ima sit round an wait for yo greezy ass? MmmMmm, oh no! With what i gotz goin on, i don't need no 3rd rate fool comin up in hear all late and shit givin me halfa what ima worth. I aint yo ho! My weave alone am too good for yo lazy ass.
by Webster6 April 23, 2009