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Being woken up by having your partner perform oral sex on you. It is especially well delivered when there is no expectation that you need to open your eyes, reciprocate or even move around. You just have a nice O or two and fall back asleep. Works equally well on morning wood or a crusty clam.
I woke up and had to shake the dew off of my lily, when I came back to bed I noticed the diner was open, so I got busy with the bun. I gave her the royal treatment until I got the palm on the forehead. We fell back asleep with my nose in the turf.
by Devon Null April 26, 2007
The act being woken up by receiving oral sex first thing in the morning.
Guy 1: I hear your new girl friend is a real fuck muppet.
Guy 2: It's true, she wakes me up by playing the skin flute while I am still asleep.
Guy 1: I can't believe you are getting the Royal Treatment!!!
by Devon Null May 03, 2007
(n.) the "royal treatment" describes a sexual encounter in which one man is being fellated by two or more women, esp. if the women are kissing one another while tonguing the member.
Holy shit, those two girls I brought home gave me the royal treatment last night!
by Chagrin94 August 15, 2005
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