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a penis fart.
I stuck a paper clip down my dick and out popped a queel.
by tomkittymattybear November 07, 2009
24 12
1) To cum.
2) To experience orgasm.
Guy: Did you queel?
Girl: No. Next time try taking my chastity bra off first.
Guy: What if we just trampoline fuck instead.
Girl: Wow you're gross.
Guy: At least I didn't pesto burp.
Girl: I'm gonna yell.
Guy: Deal-breaker.

Guy: I queeled so hard my hands tingled.
Girl: You're late for work.
by expert_pronunciator February 02, 2010
13 7
to unravel yarn.
I was super bored and started queeling.
by Murdoch Baines November 08, 2011
3 2
A ginger kid with a pidgeon chest and the ability to run faster than a speeding bullet
Jim: Hey Ging!

Tim: Why do you call him a Ging? He looks like a Queel.
by GoldPM21 September 29, 2009
10 15