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The ultimate word that can be used in any situation.
"Woah dude you queefbaited that downrail"

"I was out badger hunting last night, and when I ran out of queefbait I switched to snot"

"I was riding my bike past this gapper yesterday and he almost queefbaited me right off my 'cycle"
by Curt Hiltunen April 24, 2007
such a thing that wood make one queef

like sexin it doggy style
them yoga positions
big d***ks
tight p****es
ani other thing that could cause a girl to queef
Guy 1: man she said she's a virgin!
Guy 2: Wat!! thats queef bait right there!!

Girl 1: Man that nigga is hung!! and im tight as hell
Girl 2: haha thats queef bait gurl!!
by HeCallsMeBae March 25, 2010
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