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Quazi is an energy orb that can give unlimited power. The people that fight to bring back the stolen Quazi are called, Quazonians.
Quazonians unite to bring back the Quazi!
by Mryourmom3 January 24, 2014
A term used to decribe jocks, or one who associates with them.. usally have acne , some irish or english blood..look greasy ..wear 10 hoods in the winter , always say "whats hoodies" , usually talk bout the rangers and the giants... majority have 2nd period american history with mr.Rodhan can be found in any part of north shore high school ..also carry around brown paper bags from promise deli with the sammy speacial inside
S: "march of the quaziis"
K: ewwww theyre so grosss
by Quazziiilover84 January 29, 2009
A bug-eyed troll-like law clerk.
Has quazi been in today? The villagers are wondering when they can safely cross the bridge.
by Ray Greenfields March 02, 2004
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