Extremely hairy female genitalia
This female hippie I know has the craziest quatchi and would never need a merkin.
by Davidossimo November 28, 2007
Top Definition
When one is Monkey Railing (ie. Defecating into one's own mouth with a continuous and uninterrupted log) and accidentally hits the gag reflex such that a total exchange of stomach contents for rectal contents occurs.
Oh man, I was monkey railing the other day and I totally just quatchi'd into my buttox.
by Ziggy Volten January 19, 2010
one of the mascots for the 2010 Olympics that has been abducted to be a nick name for a ladies hairy vaginal area
Dang, that chicks Quatchi is out of control...hasn't she heard of shaving?
by steph1975 February 23, 2010
A large unshaven and itchy beaver. You can see the unusually hairy legs that sprout from the bottom but the rest of the body is covered in an unnatural fur. The smell of the Quatchy is immediately recognizable to resemble fish that has been left on a hot sunny beach for a few weeks. This is a shy beast, possibly lending to the fact that being so hairy and pungent, it never gets any kind of social interaction...
Dude... check out Quatchi... chick needs to bath more.... or at least shave...
by Rob Diablo November 27, 2007
Bitch, to act or become someone's a bitch.

A reference to the 2010 Olympic mascot, this hairy fucker had a habit of brushing off adults and children alike. Possibly because he was the most popular or the largest of the mascots, his ego and attitude served his name well.
"Johnny, can I have a turn at the Xbox please?
- "Shut up Pete, I'm still playin'."
"Pleeeaasssee? I've been waiting for hours!!!"
- "Fuck Pete, quit being such a Quatchi!"

Albert took the last donut. That was such a Quatchi move.

After Fredrick's arrest and conviction, everyone knew that pretty face of his would make him someone's Quatchi on the inside.
by The Stitchman July 08, 2010
Short for Pasquatchi... the hairy area around a womens genitals, aka her bush. Only considered a true quatchi if it is large, sometimes engulfing her thighs, has a distinct odor and is generally unkept.
Man, I took home this chick the other night and when she slipped out of her dress I saw she had the biggest, furriest, brightest fire engine red quatchi I had ever seen... I could smell it from across the room.
by Canadian Star December 06, 2007
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