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A sport originated in London in 2011 and rapidly spreading. Quarticulate combines the bloodlust, hand-eye coordination skills and intense nerdery of online first-person-shooter game QuakeLive, with the vocabulary-testing, rapid-fire, word-guessing board game Articulate.

Players take turns to score points: by either guessing the words on the cards being read by a teammate, or killing other players on the opposing team (by simultaneously playing Quake Live). The team then advances round the Quarticulate board based on the number of points scored.
- "I'm so frustrated! I just can't find a way to combine my love of guns and murder, and my love of wordplay and board games."
- "Have you tried playing Quarticulate?"

- "Quarticulate THIS, you massive nerds!!"
by The_Recipient December 19, 2011
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