Nonsense word made up by some Scrabble players in a vain attempt to use the high-scoring letter "Q".
Hey Rose, is there such a word as "quare"? I want to try to make a word from my "AREUQ".
by pentozali June 19, 2008
Top Definition
Irish meaning 'very' or 'extremely'. a rural pronouniaction of the word Queer.

(Does not mean great, as it can be used in a negative sense, ie. this funeral is quare depressing.
The weather was quare cold.
That woman is quare fine.
by Vinny/Sands October 15, 2003
noticeable,remarkable,exceptional. Equivalent to the word "quite" in most instances.
In Irish usage the word has no homosexual connotations.
That was a quare party
by Jim. M June 04, 2006
Irish colloquial word, possibly derived from queer.
Can mean 'strange' or 'unusual'.
Can also be a substitute for 'very', 'really' or 'extremely'.
She's a quare one!
That film was a bit quare, wasn't it?
She's quare fine!
I could quare go for some chips right now.
by cabbage kid April 20, 2011
Irish.... contrary to popular belief this does not mean queer or strange but great!
that was quare good
by Cully April 01, 2003
Quare is often used as 'peculiar' in rural parts of the United States.
Andrew refuses to eat his greenbeans for no apparent reason, therefore his parents say he is just being quare.
by Tink October 29, 2003
This word is an Ulsterism, a colloquial word used almost exclusively by either old people or spides in Northen Ireland.

It is thought it originates from "Queer" which, when used in Ulster Scots refers to something unussually good.

Quare is often used in conjunction with "Geg" which, means a joke or something funny.
"Ahh Fuck mate, thon's a quare geg"
by Aaron Walker October 28, 2004
Is what Irish farmers/boggers call a sexy woman
"Any Quare ones lately?"

"I was fucking this quare one the other night"
by PropaKarlo December 23, 2008
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