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2 sets of couples who are in a romantic relationship together. Beyond just swinging or swapping wives or other ethically non-monogamous relationships 'quaple' indicates both partners are interested in relating to both other partners on a mental, emotional and sexual level but together. Quaple indicates a certain committment beyond playing and while non-traditional a quaple feels very much like a man dating a woman only there are two of everything and everyone is comfortable with it. True partners for life expressing their individual desires and nature as one but to another couple.
"Steve, Marie, Lynn and Lee, have been together as a quaple now for almost a year"
by poik June 13, 2012
When you are outnumbered by so many you can't count.
I just got quaple teamed
by HawaiiFIveODiehard April 21, 2011
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