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A spiritually uplifting sexual act celebrating Cosmic Unity, generally believed to be in higher-dimensional resonance with the Big Bang (a.k.a. the Primordial Sploog). Thanks to this Divine Resonance, an act of quantum sex (according to some very odd folks) may serve as a re-enactment of the original Divine Union or, as some might say “the God in me slapping bellies with the Goddess in you” – which, coincidentally, is thought by some analysts to be the linguistic origins of the breathy rhythmic phrase “Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!”

Some philosophers believe that since the Milky Way Galaxy is, in fact, composed of the Whoopie Sauce created in the Big Bang, and since all human beings are inhabitants thereof, it follows that human beings are, indeed, micro-manifestations of the Grand Whoopie itself, thereby lending scientific credence to the claim that quantum sex can provide important insights into the qualitative nature of the cosmological Big Bang. Other philosophers (and a majority of scientists) respond by carefully suggesting that the aforementioned philosophers "should shut their fruckin' pieholes.”
The phrase “quantum sex” appears to have originated in a ponderously unfathomable internet article called, oddly enough, “Quantum Sex” written by the ever-popular philosopher/sexual freedom advocate, Gaylen Moore, who is widely known for his claim that physics experiments are best performed under the influence of fully engorged naughty parts.
by Sir Woof-a-lot January 14, 2011
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