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A camp middle-aged male who shares a home with younger man. An effeminate, cantankerous, prima donna type.
He's moving in with that Quantrill? There goes his anal virginity.
by IndridCold October 28, 2008
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To pull a Quantrill is to drink as much alcohol as a real man but handle it like a girl.

You've not pulled a Quantrill until you've lost your phone, wallet and vomited on every article of clothing you wear.

A real Quantrill involves the consumption of a chicken korma prior to intoxication.

Bonus points if an emergency ambulance has to be called.

Further bonus points for rolling around in puddles of your own vomit.

Is likened to pulling a Birchmore
"I pulled a Quantrill last night. I woke up in A&E with IV lines in my arms and neon body paint all over me. I couldn't find my phone or wallet and my once white shirt is now has a red/purple tint to it."

Quantrill may be substituted in place of the word 'sick' or 'vomit'

"I got so drunk last night that I Quantrilled all over the place"
by mackie4298 May 16, 2014

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