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1) A fairly fast handjob.

2) A romantic shipping between a Quin and an Andy

3) Duck Candy
1) "Hey, babe, my parents will be home in ten minutes, how about a quandy?" She put her hand down his pants as she stated rubbing his cock how he liked it, his favorite type of handjob.

2) "Did you see Quin and Andy in the hall?"
"Yeah! They make such a cute couple! I totally ship Quandy!"

3) Duck 1, "Hey I could go for some candy right now."
Duck 2, "I have fun Duck Candy."
Duck 1, "I'm Quacky for Quandy!"
by TotodileSexiness November 13, 2013
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A quick hand job
Hey Emily we don't have much time before your parents get about a quandy?
by EstoySenorBlanco January 27, 2009
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