having really good bud over having alot of commerical grade bud.
my boyz alwayz smoke that madd good quality homegrown shit not that back yard brown shit
by ME September 28, 2004
What a man who makes $20,000 says to a man who makes $50,000.
Yeah, well, quality vs. quantity.
by Ben Carnehl December 02, 2003
Either are good.
You need both.
by B-Drac December 01, 2003
less of a good thing is better than more of a bad thing.
do YOU want a metric shitload of of nasty cheese burgers, or one of the best cheese burgers in the world???
by Ninj4 December 06, 2003
The age old debate...Do I go for the Double D's, or 4 B ladies? ;)
Pat: "I think I'm gunna hook up with the quality tonight."
Ken: Word.
by MeGn December 03, 2003
Lots of cheap vs. less but good
Microwave pizza vs, Tally-Ho back in Potomac, Md. Best pizza in America.
by Austin December 02, 2003
A pathetic excuse for having a small wallet or a small dick.
Size doesn't matter, it's what you do with it.

I thought we could eat in tonight.
by Keebmeister December 07, 2003

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