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22 definitions by HAzE

Acronym of "Love of My Life"
shes my loml i love her so much
by Haze March 09, 2005
175 67
The fucked up monster that scared the crap out of you in Quake 1.
Tum tee tum, I'll just walk down this corrido....ARGH WTF IT'S A SHAMBLER OH DEAR GOD *zzzzzzzzzzzap*
by haze January 14, 2004
53 13
PHP is a powerful web scripting language, famous for its ease of use and ability to interact seamlessly with SQL type databases. PHP takes a lot of its syntax from Perl and C++, and it is in this way that programmers familiar with these languages can pick up PHP rather easily.

Advantages: Can be much easier to read than Perl, arguably easier to learn

Disadvantages: Might teach sloppy programming habits (not having to define variables etc) and can be less compact than Perl.

if("PHP" > "Perl") {

//returns true :p


by haze December 30, 2003
75 56
A device used to twist your faeces into different shapes as it comes out of the anus.
John used his turd twister to create turd spaghetti!
by haze January 17, 2004
17 6
The astrological sign of the vagina.
Hank likes girls. he is a vagitarius.
by Haze March 09, 2005
13 4
Really really realllly disgusting
That girl has some gernast gerpappies on her face. and her pussy stinks too.
by Haze March 09, 2005
3 0
A hella ugly lookin dude with a huge dick vs a hella good lookin dude with a chode
i dont think u want an example
by HAzE July 29, 2004
9 6