Top Definition
n. Quafter
v. Quaffing
1. To laugh with a high pitch, which I actually happen to do. Sounds like a queef.
2. To suck in air when you laugh.
Quinn: I had a black friend once, then we sold him.
Mike: *begins quafter*
by MikeydaV April 04, 2006
Vocal parkour. A quacking type of laughter, as opposed to cackling. Typically caused by hilarious jokes and hair in the throat simultaneously.
*COUGH* My quafter is killing my throat! I'm pretty sure I owe you money.
by RedLipstick February 07, 2013
Decribes someone with queer/gay or idiotic tendencies!

A lot like quendo!
Lloyd u little quafter!!

Or. rik stop quaftin about!
by John Rodenhurst April 06, 2006
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