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slang term used to describe ones hair.
first used by mr.lif in his "Dreadfro" song off the "Live at The Middle east" album.
Im gonna sing a song about the evolution of my QUAFF
by d3n1z da cookie monster August 15, 2007
52 52
Jewish, dick sucking, asshole, Greek, whom never answers their phone, and is an incompetent douche. Also a person with a tendency to make your life shittier.
You fucking quaff!
by michaelhunterrr July 08, 2012
7 10
a Quiff in reverse (instead of air releasing out its sucking back in)
Quaff is the opposite of "Quiff"... instead of a pussy fart coming out, it would go the opposite way "sucking in".
by Juggalicious March 19, 2010
5 10
Is also slang for a person, who at first may appear to be stupid and foolish. In reality they are perceptive and cautious.
The quaff looks like a bum.
by Quaffmaster November 12, 2009
3 8
To drink copiously from a vessel while tilting it so far that some liquid also flows around around your mouth and splashes onto your shirt.
It is hard to avoid quaffing from this Nalgene bottle. The opening is far too wide.
by Gliese October 05, 2009
23 28
an expression of shock, surprise, or anger. It is a common substitute for strewth or blimey from the English, while also similar to OMG from IM speak. It cannot be used in the form of quäffing or anything to such extent.
Quäff! that giant squid just exploded out of my television and onto my couch!
by irwin schwab September 25, 2009
0 5
The patch of hair on a man's chest
Dude! You can barley see that gold chain umongst that guys massive quaff!!
by PJ Poacher July 27, 2009
6 11