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A group of four people. they consist of the craziest and sexiest people of a group. they love to party and every party they attend shows up on the news for its crazyness. they are extremely cool and can make anyones day. no one messes with them because as cool as they can be they will get hood. they are made up of a president, vice president, supreme court, and secretary. they are also the raddest people alive that know how to have a great time.
member 1:quad-pod assemble
all members:yo!! waddup!! sup!!
member 1: lets party!!!!!!!!!!!!
all members: yay!! woot wooot!!
by sexyguy1234 October 12, 2010
2 0
Grandpa, or in short just "quad". originating from father or padre for short as "pod". Pod said in a humorous manner is "pod pod" the pod pod's "pod pod" would be a "quad pod".
lets go over and see if the quad pod needs help in his garden.
by Be nasty April 14, 2011
3 0
A group of extremely close male acquaintances formed from primarily transgender origins create a "Quadpod" in order to experiment in secret together. The term "Wang-Gang" is the Quadpod's codeword which they habitually use to convey their need for an assembly.
"Quadpod, WG!!!"
"Quadpod we are uniting for a WG at Tommy's casa this afternoon."
"EW those quadpod kids are faggots."
by Diesel Jameson July 30, 2006
25 24
A group of 4 Friends who are the dog's bollocks.
The Quad Pod of Simon Hughes, Jack Reynolds, Josh Knight, Robert King 4 mates who run the show
by Pury boys January 07, 2010
1 1
A group of four annoying people that sit in your math class and pretend like they are the cool kids....but there not.
Hey that kids not cool! He must be in the Quadpod

Quadpods members enjoy the company of other males.
by A.S.akabrooke November 30, 2010
7 8
Local Queensland musical sensation, providing listeners with healing and entertaining audio and visual stimulation. Band members include Matt (aka Drummerboy), Jaron (aka Harmony) and Doug (Guitar Hero). Even skeptics hail QuadPod as the band of the century.
The best looking and sounding band in the world is named QuadPod.
by smart, good looking people July 13, 2008
5 11
When you realize that your mom is pregnant with your sister or brother, and you scream in pain because your bowels just gave way.
by Ass Crack Master Dudette November 06, 2009
3 10