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Pronounced (Kwaaaahhb)

1) A quab is a term used to describe the situation where you walk into your room and find you uncle and an octopus under your sheets.
2) Quab is the term used when no other swear could even grasp the complexity of the situation or event.
YOu could be a quab, be a qaubber, be qaubbing, or just doing the act of qaub.
Nephew: Oh my god uncle frank?
Uncle: Oh hello billy, why dont you go out and play some baseball, huh sport?
Nephew: bu but but but....
Uncle: *Pushes out of room* Now run along now.

Boy: Wow Sally is such a Quabber for quabbing that guy
Boy 2: I know right.
boy: Hey sally your a Quab!
by element547 March 02, 2008
A combining of the phrase "questionable at best."
Yo the plot of that movie was quab dude.
by Frankie Yale February 24, 2005
1) something you say when your pissed at someone

2) something you say when your in an awkward conversation

3) something you say to distract someone when running away
Ex 1
Person 1: I lost your car keys
Person 2: YOU QUAB.

Ex 2
Person 1: Hey sexy lady
Person 2: *panic* QUAB

Ex 3
Person 1: Give me your money!!!
Person 2: QUAB *runs away*
by Dancingintherain123 May 19, 2013
someone who you just can't deal, process, or have reason for.
Arthur though that Sharkiesha was a thot but she was really a quab.
by facundo December 08, 2013
A sound of alert or warning for people in fear of being robbed by ex-police officers that have become bankrupt and now must rob people to make a living.
Quab!, yelled Johnny, this helped Jenny to run to a local plastics manufacturing company.
by gkwbeast February 29, 2012
Annoying bastard.

Also, a term of endearment.

It is hard to type on a keyboard that doesn't have a working d key. I have to copy and paste one every time.
Stop it you quab!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey quab, what's up?
by Jimbo Baggins January 25, 2006
Quab is something "Worse than Abysmal", "Not Deserving Existence", Or " Somebody Lacking Intellegence".
1.) Goddamnit dude, Superman 64 is Quab!

2.) John flunked his SATS? Pfft, Quab.

3.) Dude, Billy's Quab.
by SemperFi62 July 11, 2006
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