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The primary town in the demented cartoon movie. Also the town where Romeo and Juliet WOULD BE filmed, except for a bomb-happy Juliet.
Hello, I'm Guy Blahson and this is Qrrbrbirl news. Today's top story: A series of nuclear explosions...
by Person!!!!!!!!1 May 04, 2004
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A place where Romeo and Juliet is being filmed in the Demented Cartoon Movie. They would continue if Juliet wasn't so bomb-happy. Also where the Qrrbrbirlbel Dubious News (On Channel 4 3/4) is filmed.
''This is Guy Blahson with the Qrrbrbirlbel dubious news. A lot of nucular(''Its pronounced nuclear'') explosions have been... exploding recently. On the scene live is our ace reporter, Bloing Gloing.''
by Mental Bud Crazy August 11, 2004
A Place in the Demented Cartoon Movie where Romeo and Juliet is filmed (if they could get juliet to stop the bomb throwing) and the Qrrbrbirlbel Dubious News is also filmed.
Juliet:Um....Romeo, Romeo, where are you romeo?
Zeeky.H.Bomb: Here I am!
Juliet: Your not Romeo!
Zeeky.H.Bomb: Zeeky Boogy Doog!
*::Atomic Explosion::*
by Kittie.D March 04, 2004

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