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An acronym to be used instead of LGBTQQ2IA*

Q - Queer and Questioning
U - Unidentified
I - Intersex
L - Lesbian
T - Transgender, Transexual
B - Bisexual
A - Asexual
G - Gay, Genderqueer
"Hey, are you one of the QUILTBAG folk, too?"

"The lesbian community is just one of the many different pockets in the QUILTBAG!"
by Vox-FRN January 23, 2011
Q = Queer/Questioning
U = Undecided
I = Intersex
L = Lesbian
T = Trans
B = Bisexual
A = Asexual
G = Gay/Genderqueer
According to @feministbieber: I think “lesbians who look like justin bieber” would be more inclusive if it were called “QUILTBAG folks who identify as bieber-positive.”
by notdumb February 16, 2011
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