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Cutie pie
My boyfriend is such a QT3.14, I could eat him up.
by Greengirl April 07, 2004
QT = Cutie
3.14 = Pi

A lame way of saying cutie pie.
"Why did you write QT 3.14 for that math equation?"

"Figure it out."

"Aww, you called me a cutie pie."
by rUMp ShakUH August 06, 2009
It's mathematics slang for cutie pie. Seeing as 3.14 is the value of pi, well actually 3.141593 is probably closer even though it's an infinite number so 3.14 will do, but yeah you can catch my drift.
Usually in a text message or written/typed message of some sort:

Guy 1: Did you see andrea?
Guy 2: Yeahhh! She's a QT 3.14
Guy 3: lol i see what you mean. lol.
by robertoooonevernothere September 03, 2010
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