qp- quit playin'
Brandon: "Marshawn, is that really you?!"
Marshawn L: "qp, bruh. You already know!!"
by senorvladdy September 09, 2014
Qualified Player
QP refers to a player who is a true master of his/her game.

It is the most prestigious qualification a player can be awarded.

A QP can be hard to detect. One common sign is heavy use of the phrase 'ya know'.
by The Original QP December 30, 2012
1. Four Onces (One "Quarter Pound)
2. 3 and 1/2 Onces (Rip off)
1. Hey man I just got a QP, lets go toke up
2. Naw man, what you just got was ripped off.... I'll still smok 'doh
by Your mom is hot January 03, 2004
noun - qp is used to describe a woman who is considered hot, attractive, or any other synonym for damnnn sexy; It is used to describe, or label a girl as attractive; not describing any one attribute in particular. Originates from the label quality pussy. Q-P.
man1 - Oh look at that qp over derr son. *gestures to a fine girl
man2 - oh your right man that is some fine ass.
girl- excuse me?
by BASson June 02, 2009
1. Quality product. 2. A situation exhibiting a most appropriate outcome. 3. (Used sarcastically) In reference to a poor quality product or negative situation.
1." Dude, you always find the best stuff at Costco. All their stuff is Q.P. !"

2. " I went to the sickest wedding yesterday ! It was so Q.P."

3. Gary: " Damn it... my Iphone keeps dropping calls !"

Ryan: " Oh... Q.P."
by The Pange July 14, 2011
A Cleveland rapper
I was in Cleveland yesterday and saw QP perform live.
by element9 October 25, 2008
The Seattle-based duo, Quarter After's spin on a Rap & Hip-Hop EP. Can also stand for a quarter pound of drugs or other illegal substances.
Thug 1: You got that new Quarter After QP?
Thug 2: Justis & Marcus D?
Thug 1: Word.
Thug 2: Nah, but I heard that shit is fire. You got some on you?
Thug 1: No doubt.
Thug 2: Lemme get a dime. (10 CDs)
by TactownNative12 January 28, 2010

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