Top Definition
Quoted For Posterity.
QFP: Similar to QBE and QBD.

Used to record a post when the OP is very unlikely to edit his post.
by ballsmcdickface May 21, 2009
Quoted for Power

Similar to QFT, this phrase is to be used upon receiving a message (usually written) of such powerful value, you must fist-pump the air and release a manly bellow*

*note - not for females except for Lily Savage.
Person1: Man I drank so much that someone ran me over this morning, although I was playing in the road. That night was the bomb!
Person2: QfP
by mrchinchin25 October 15, 2007
quoted for potention
quote name='board whore'
i definitely don't understand it, but it sure beats your camel toe

by phillyb March 20, 2007
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