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Quality dip time; Enjoying some smokeless tobacco in your lip, while spending relaxation time with another friend or friends.
Hey Jeffrey, how about some QDT?
by Mac-Lane July 27, 2011
Quick and Dirty Translation.

This is a fire-and-forget translation created by someone who would (in theory) be able to create a quality translation, but (practically) didn't care about it and/or thought it wouldn't matter. QDTs can be found where speed of translation is more relevant than thoroughness. This means, the translation has most likely not been reviewed by the translator, and has definitely not been cross-checked by another individual.
Hey, what the heck does this mean: "Boah, die alte Wildsau, ich bin so fertig. Lass ma 'n Kaffee rüberwachsen."?

QDT: "whoa this animal, i am so wiped out. do you have a coffee for me?"
by v2307 July 20, 2009
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