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-n The sensation one experiences while cleaning one's ear canal with a Q-tip.
Time for a shower and Q-gasm.
by Jo_Momma April 16, 2006
An orgasm sustained in a queue (British. "line" if you're American) of people, either voluntarily or not.
…the guy behind pressed up against me and I had a q-gasm.
by reff August 26, 2008
The strange experience of having an orgasm while under the influence of the cold medicine, NyQuil.
I think I blacked out during that Q-gasm.
by Johnny Anonymous December 02, 2006
A q-gasm is experianced when whilst having an orgasm you exclaim a direct quote from the sexual master of sexual misconduct, Quagmire. (From Family Guy)
"oh GOD GiGIidY GOOOooooooo. THAT was the best q-gasm I ever had!!"
by GUY091 September 04, 2006
The act of having a quick orgasm, or having a quickie
Steve let's have a q-gasm before your parents get home!
I'm gonna have a q-gasm before bed(you proceed to jack off)
by aap June 27, 2006
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