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"Pyo" is a word that an adult female who frequents forums, constantly, uses in place of "Stop" when typing a message. It's considered a Very Annoying "Catch Phrase" anywhere the user goes.
Piyoko: Mine was a hundred bucks, it could have been cheaper, but I didn't feel like waiting for shipping, and wanted a nicer one, pyo.

Piyoko: Oh, and thanks, pyo.
by Dante & Virgil January 26, 2008
Put you on.

As in, you are in for a world of drama, Let me tell you what happened to me, and/or I gotta tell you something.
yo, Deb lemme pyo to what David said to me last night after the party.
by weevesnatcher July 04, 2016
someone between 11-17 who is frequently in trouble with the police. they like to ruin piss-ups between friends and chase alltthe boys out and then beat them up, leaving the girls in tears.
the fucking PYO ruined our pissup last night
by weh8thepyo October 24, 2009
a bitchy korean math teacher. Usually teaches in ghetto areas and drives a run down asian vehicle. Openly sarcastic.
A:Whats your first period teacher?
B: Ugh I have a Pyo.
A: That sucks
by KingfisherPopo March 01, 2009
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