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Sexual arousal from seeing or touching the buttocks of another person. The term is not gender-specific. A person who is thus aroused is a "pygophilist" or "pygophile"; "pygophiliac" may be used if the arousal could be considered abnormal, pathological or extreme. In a finer sense, "pygophilist" can be used to infer a person whose predilection includes actively touching buttocks, as the suffix -ist connotes "one who does", whereas "phygophile" (-phile, "one who likes) could include those who are content merely to look at buttocks.
Pygophilia is not that uncommon - my best friend is a total pygophilist - but that guy at the office has had his hands on more ass than a donkey breeder; he's a complete pygophiliac.
by Speleandrus December 24, 2010
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arousal from touching, playing with, or seeing anothers buttox
Hey thats a nice butt, can i play and feel it?

No go away you pygophilia you
by jim November 28, 2003
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Is sexual arousal or excitement caused by seeing, playing with or touching a woman's buttocks. People aroused by buttocks are known as PYGOPHILIST.
Man she got a real nice ass and it's getting me real hard and I like to get some of it. I am a "PYGOPHILIA" for sure.
by Robertp a.k.a :Booty hound" December 25, 2007
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