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Pyep- Can be used as Noun, Verb, Adjective, and Adverb.

Pyep means to f*ck, stiff, penetrate, and/or exude over all dominance.

The Base word of Pyep can be combined with most prefixes and suffixes to both personalize and specify the Pyep to your situation.
Used as a Noun;
That girl looks good, and I could really go for a good Pyep right now.

Used as a Verb;
I am going to Pyep the poop outta dat gurl.

Used as an Adjective;
Flip the Pyepping Omelet or else that sides gonna burn, Ya Pyeper!

Used as a Adverb;
That goat just Pyeppingly defied gravity by jumping that house. What a mind Pyep.

by WHo Neu? October 07, 2010

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