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A further bastardisation of the word "pure" by scousers.
"Pyay scran"
"Pyay beac"
"Yer ma's a pyay slag, lid!"
by Graham Lean April 16, 2006
The word you say when you have to pee but you're excited at the same time. Pyay!
TV Spokesperson: You've just one a million dollars!
You: I just drank 2 liters of coke! Pyay!
by Joe's vaginal mesh May 10, 2015
a colloquiaism from Liverpol that replaces 'very' or 'really'. It has evolved from Liverpudlians using the slang term 'pure' to mean the same thing, it then morphed to become pyar and then pyay.
"It's pyay hot in here"
"That exam was pyay hard"
by Jane Thomas August 11, 2007
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