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A Pwig was created in a special relationship (:
A Pwig is a pig mixed with a penguin , there rare and hard to come across , they like thunder and are often seen running through bushes during heavy thunder storms
Pwig #1
Pwig #2
by Pwigsown1337 July 05, 2009
Also known as a Pubic Wig. Created for those looking to spice up their nether regions, pwigs are wigs for your genitals!
Friend 1: dude my girl wants me to have more hair down there but I'm a prepubescent pussy who can't grow any pubic hair!

Friend 2: dude..chill..just buy a pwig, she's gunna love it
by kins.webb February 02, 2015
1. Poof Wow Instant Gone
Often used to describe a person who leaves quickly and with little or no notice.
Wow, did you see that girl PWIG?!
by Courtesy of Ramblinman November 25, 2008
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